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At Journey to Bhutan Tours & Travels we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our guests' wishes and interests and work hard with our guests in order to create their particular tailor-made tour. For example, we have arranged Buddhist pilgrimages, academic research trips, mammal-watching tours, and designed itineraries for National Geographic journalists, amongst others. We would love to work with you to develop your dream tour into Bhutan. If you're interested in a textile tour, meditation, arranging your wedding and honeymoon in Bhutan, an arcane festival in Northeastern Bhutan, spending a week watching the Takin graze, or whatever your imagination calls you to do, we can work with it. We've included a few of our favorites, just to help give you some ideas.

Mammal Watching in Bhutan
Duration: 13N, 14D
Max elevation: 3353m
Season: All seasons
Accommodation: Hotel and Camping

Linguistic tour of Eastern Bhutan
Duration: 13N, 14D
Max elevation: 3822m
Season: All seasons
Accommodation: Hotel and Homestay

We designed this tour for a biologist interested in learning more about Bhutan's mammalian wildlife. After his arrival into Paro, we modified an established but rarely traveled lowland trek to include several days in situ at the best mammal watching stops. With the help of a Bhutanese expert and local villagers, we set up salt licks in order to lure mammals into the best places for viewing. This should be good for spotting Barking Deer, Sambar Deer, Golden Langur, Grey Langur, Himalayan Civet, amongst others.


This itinerary was designed to suit a linguistics PhD student who wanted to explore languages in eastern Bhutan for potential field sites. There was a bit of travel involved, getting her from west to east, but once in the village she spent five nights in a homestay with a local family, eating local food, engaging in local customs, and learning the local language. She eventually gained research permission and later conducted fieldwork in order to receive her PhD.

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